Golf Instruction Charleston South Carolina

Golf Instruction Charleston South Carolina

Golf Instruction

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Looking for Golf Instruction and Lessons near Charleston South Carolina?

Want amazing results in as little as 1 lesson?

Yes, really! You really can play your best golf ever.

Simple Lessons. Simple Drills. Super Fast Results.

If you live in South Carolina or are looking for Golf Lessons in Charleston South Carolina. You need the Next Ball Fix. Your best Golf has never been faster or simpler.

Five swings.

That is precisely how many swings it took for PGA Professional Matt Kuchar to become arguably the most consistent money maker on the PGA Tour. The man is referred to as the “Human ATM” because of his consistency.

Matt talks about it in the foreword of Hall of Fame Golf Instructor Jim Hardy’s 2nd book ”Solid Contact”

Eight swings.

That is how many swings it took me to hit the most solid 6 iron of my entire life.

More on that in a moment.

You hear announcers on the PGA Tour broadcasts mention a Tour player is working on a swing change literally every time you turn on the TV. Every time Tiger Woods makes a coaching change you hear that it has taken months— or even a year— before he starts seeing truly positive results from those swing changes.

That wasn’t the case for Matt Kuchar and that wasn’t the case for me.

In fact almost all of Tiger’s injuries are from his most recent swing changes.

Know why many golf lessons don’t work?

Because either the instructor doesn’t really know what to teach, how to actually teach, or they don’t make it easy for you to fix your swing problems. Golf instruction isn’t a year long rebuilding project.  Improvement should be almost immediate. The Next Ball Fix makes it simple to enjoy the game you love—without all of the confusing swing jargon! You can see results in literally the next ball!

I have watched countless hours of golf swings on Youtube looking for answers. I have read books by Ben Hogan, Harvey Penick, Moe Norman, Butch Harmon, Dr. Bob Rotella, Ernest Jones, Dave Pelz, John Jacobs and countless articles in Golf Digest looking for the best way to swing a golf club. I have tried to model my swing after certain Tour players.

The sheer amount of information available on the golf swing is absolutely maddening. Golf is hard enough without all of the bad and contradicting information available online or in your favorite magazine. The worst part, almost all of it conflicts one method or another and causes utter confusion and ultimately bad golf.

That is exactly what happened to me. I was getting worse the more that I read or watched.

I finally decided to do something about it. I was tired of the constant frustration with my game.

I called and spoke to several famous Top 50 golf instructors including Mike LaBeauve and Mike Bender to pick their brains on the golf swing.

I reached out to Martin Hall from the Golf Channel. I had a great conversation with Martin and he told me to read John Jacobs classic instruction book “Practical Golf” and then go to visit Jim Hardy at one of his golf schools. I was told that I would not be disappointed.

I did exactly what Martin said and started reading books by John Jacobs and I even flew to a Plane Truth Golf School to see what Jim Hardy and Chris O’Connell were teaching about the golf swing.

My entire view of golf changed completely when I was introduced to the teachings of Jim Hardy.

What I saw in Phoenix that November day in 2013 changed the way I looked at the golf swing forever.

I don’t think anyone alive truly knows more about the golf swing than Jim Hardy does. Chris is pretty darn close though.

Martin was absolutely correct. I knew I was in the right place.

Here’s why Next Ball Fix works.

It’s not another golf lesson. In fact, it’s EXACTLY the opposite.

The Next Ball Fix lets you own YOUR swing! Told in only in just the right language, so you don’t feel confused and frustrated – but you CAN finally start hitting the ball solid – consistently.

What’s the secret?

Jim Hardy’s Plus and Minus System and a tool called the Matrix. Read more about Jim’s Philosophy here.

The way that Jim and Chris explain the golf swing just makes sense to me and can be taught to others once mastered.

Every swing is analyzed for different elements – Steep/Narrow and Shallow/Wide, and the flight of the ball from the swing. You’ll never be “bogged down” by your golf swing mechanics again—if you can identify the ball flight, you can fix any issue!

Combine this system with one or two 60 minute or less sessions. That’s all. It’s that simple!

What do you get with Next Ball Fix?

Everything you need to hit the ball better. Simply and quickly.

No more conflicting swing information. And NO “keep your head down” garbage information!

We will craft your swing using your own unique swing DNA. We will toss all the old swing clichés into the trash and add new drills and correct moves to balance your swing!

Simple 60-Minute Sessions

5 easy-to-follow steps

Ready for a swing overhaul in less than 60 minutes? I made these lessons short so you can hop in, follow the advice, hit the ball better, and get on with your day. The lessons will help maximize distance and accuracy with the natural swing tendencies you already have. I will provide a video for you on your Mobile device to show you how to get back to hitting the ball solid if you get wild out on the course.

Simple Golf Instruction

Forget about reading a ton of golf tips online or in a magazine. So many different styles and confusing techniques. In fact some “expert” advice can actually make your swing worse! That is exactly what happened to me. It happens to guys on the Tour literally all the time. See the career of David Duval. Remember how good he was and then disappeared?  Give a Tour player one piece of bad advice and you may never hear from them again.

When it comes to playing your best golf ever, simplicity equals success.

The 5 steps below deliver exactly the right information every time, so you never get conflicting information or even wrong information that makes your game worse. Follow the plan outlined as directed in the Next Ball Fix Gameplan- and you will hit the ball better than ever!

A step-by-step Next Ball Fix Game plan so you succeed

Next Ball Fix Game plan

  1. Identify your ball flights and together we will come up with a solution for you to hit you best shots ever.
  2. Drills – Drills targeting the areas of your golf swing which will give you the fastest results.
  3. Hitting the Ball Solid – Start hitting solid repeatable balls every time.
  4. Adding Ferocious Club head Speed – Learn how PGA Pros and Long Drive Contestants bomb it.
  5. Follow up – Trent will follow up in 48 hours to check on your progress and go over the next steps.

This simple game plan takes you step-by-step through the process and makes crafting your swing so easy, you won’t even have to think about it. Enjoy a solid repeatable golf swing without costly swing aids, and watch the ball fly off the tee box.

Take it from someone who knows how to get results!

Book your Lesson Right Now!

“Honestly, I’m a golfer just like you and a professional golf instructor.  When I was a student, I didn’t have time for complicated, expensive golf lessons and hours of practice, and neither do my clients. That’s exactly why I created the Next Ball Fix. It’s simple, fast, and will help you get results. All you have to do is follow my program, and you WILL hit the ball better than ever.”

—Trent Van Wormer

I do also travel up to an hour for lessons upon request. Additional fees will apply. Please contact me directly for requests.


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